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Uniondeb - Technology for Social Impact

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Uniondeb - Technology for Social Impact


A Quick CHAT?

​​Uniondeb's history is rooted in 15 years of experience in designing and building innovative technology solutions for the organisations creating social impact.

Uniondeb was founded in 2016 as a part of an MBA project and works in partnership with other entrepreneurs and consultants. We have delivered global solutions and consultancy to charity ventures and start ups. The sectors in which we have served include Healthcare, Education, Social Enterprises, Technology, NGO and Commercial.

Here are some of the kind words our professionals have received over the years in response to their service.

...A lot of positive energy and is always there when it really matters. Luigi Muto - IT Manager at SANAS, South Africa

...efficient, helpful and professional. Sally Dixon - Founder & Manager at Sally Dixon Creations, Australia

...provides ICT services with passion. Qiang He - Director/Founder of Hesheli Education Consulting Ltd, UK

...committed and highly dependable.  Jackie Bliss - Director of Finance at Havens Hospices, UK

...A joy to work with. George Ralph - Managing Director at RFA, UK 

...business enhancer and a very solid support to the purpose for which our organisation was set up: helping the most vulnerable to live a good and independent life. Seyi Ojo - Finance Executive at Livability, UK

...very strong service ethics. Niki Vizotha - Educationist, India

...Thank you for all your solid support in our mission over the years. Naeem Barkat - Founder VOG Children Ministry, Pakistan

...has given us excellent IT- and business advice and support.  Astrid Wittmann - Founder and CEO of TIC, UK