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Uniondeb - Technology for Social Impact


Uniondeb - Technology for Social Impact

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Uniondeb - Technology for Social Impact

Technology for social impact


Aura is a new home security system that uses wireless signals to protect your home. The team met with FORBES to explain how it all works. Published on 3 Apr 2017

The opportunity to level the academic playing field turned this teaching traditionalist into a tech evangelist. Published on 18 Apr 2017

Climate researchers are reviewing myriad studies of heat and human behaviour...Published on 22 Apr 2017

Asia is home to two of the world’s largest economies by nominal GDP – China and Japan – and two of the largest growth economies, China and India. Published on 21 Apr 2017

Bloomberg's Sarah Frier discusses how Facebook is navigating the posting and sharing of violent acts after a murder was posted on the platform. Published on 17 Apr 2017

Switzerland is planning to deliver medical supplies by drone.

Published on 13 Apr 2017​